Alpha Company Marine Cadets and South West Area Sea Cadets - Centre Dress

 Welcome to the home of Alpha Company Royal Marines Cadets.

Alpha Company consists of approximatley three-hundred and fifty cadets and one-hundred uniformed instructors and forms one of the seven Royal Marines Cadet Companies within the Royal Marines Cadet Section of the Sea Cadet Corps and is based in the south west of the UK.

The Royal Marines Cadet Section was formed in 1955 at the request of the Commandant General
Royal Marines. Although it is an integral part of the Sea Cadet Corps, it looks to the Corps of Royal Marines for its styles and standards of dress, drill and training.
UK Marine Cadet Companies
 The Royal Marines Cadet Companies are known as:

 Alpha Company - South West Area
 BRAVO Company - North West Area
 LIMA Company - London Area
 XRAY Company - Eastern Area
 YANKEE Company - Northern Area
 ZULU Company - Southern Area
 HQ Company  - Headquarters Company (MSSC HQ)

Alpha Company organisation is structured in a similar way to a regular Royal Marines Company. This is known to us as an ORBAT.
Alpha Company Troops:
HQ Troop - Alpha Company
Training Troop - Alpha Company
Logistics Troop - Alpha Company

1 Troop - Alpha Company

2 Troop - Alpha Company

3 Troop - Alpha Company

4 Troop - Alpha Company

5 Troop - Alpha Company




 Alpha Company Summer Camp 2018.

FIBUA and General Training leading up to a Final Attack on Imber Village, Salisbury Training area

The Culmination of a week of Hard Work and Great Training in Teamwork and Responsibility.

Alpha Company Troops consist of individual Detachments, to find a Detachment near you click here. The Detachments are imbeded within a local Sea Cadet Unit, to find a Sea Cadet Unit near you click here.
The military training that we undergo adds to the already comprehensive list of activities that The Sea Cadet Corps offers which include the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Cadet Vocational Qualifications through CVQO.

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